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We're Brand Detectives

Dark Design is a human-centric branding agency that combines design, technology, and culture to help individuals and businesses evolve.

Where brands don't just exist, they evolve. We are the alchemists, the detectives, the architects of inspiring brand elixir.
We're the curious minds who dared to dream big from Coimbatore. Now, a global force, we burn bright with the conviction that bold questions unlock transformative solutions. Learning through doing is our mantra, the road less travelled our playground. Through open communication and mindful listening, we adapt, push boundaries, and forever refine our craft, in every project, every conversation, every step forward.
We breathe life into brands that resonate. Through purpose-driven storytelling and digital mastery, we create brands and experiences that touch the soul and enrich the lives of millions, every single day.

We've Created Brands and Experiences You Love. And We Have Begun Creating The Next Generation of Brands.


The investigation started in 2019, when two brothers dared to weave branding magic in Coimbatore.


Creative agents and engineers, all collaborating to make positive impact on our collective future.


From bootstrapped startups to million-dollar unicorns, we’ve helped countless companies secure the funding they need to thrive.


Witness the impact of 200 collaborations, where brands blossomed and dreams took flight.


Daily users are impacted through the services and brands we’ve helped shape.
With human-centric design at the core of our principles, twe depend on our team’s varied perspectives and life experiences to help us build products for the many.